Check out how Jeromy turned...
 $75  into  $41,500
last month, using this BRAND-NEW,
LinkedIn traffic strategy
That's Over 523 Times Return On his “Test Campaign!” 
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Tap Into The Highest-Quality Traffic On The Internet, 
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If you're sick and tired of trying to make paid ads work, we can completely understand...

Things are so crazy-competitive out there that it is really difficult to make any kinds of ads work profitably.

We recently stumbled upon a paid ads breakthrough.

It involves a special type of LinkedIn ad that is flat out CRUSHING IT.
Imagine putting $1 in and spitting out $523? 

These are the types of numbers possible with The Missing Link strategy! 

That's because there is a brand-new type of LinkedIn Ad that, when used with “The Missing Link” strategy, it converts like crazy.

And you can start with a tiny budget and as it starts working, just scale it up!
It's James Renouf and Dave Espino again!
And we have “linked up” with Jeromy Kovatana, 
a Two Comma Club Award winner, to bring you this TRAFFIC BREAKTHROUGH!

James Renouf

Dave Espino

Jeromy Kovatana

Jeromy is crushing it in his online business...

...and now he is sharing The Missing Link 
so YOU can make 
all the sales you want to make online!
Jeromy took $75.07 in ad spend for a “test run” to see if this new LinkedIn strategy would pay a positive return on his investment.

When Jeromy told us about his results ($41,500) we were COMPLETELY SHOCKED. 

And we said, 

“WTF? (What the Fudge?) 
This is insane! We have to make a training about this. 
Marketers will eat this strategy up!!”

The results are crazy because we are using a strategy that gives massive leverage. (So a tiny effort brings ridiculous results)

You get the benefits of 

* Personalized email
* Chatbots 
* Insane open rates (70%+)
* Super-high click-through rate 

In The Missing Link, step-by-step training, 
and how YOU can use this strategy 
for YOUR business... 

We show you how to easily use it for... 

* Affiliate marketing
* Online course creation
* Offline marketing
* CPA offers 
* eCommerce
* You name it! 
How this tiny ad spend...
Led to these amazing sales results!

Finally, you have the missing link
to sell ANYTHING YOU WANT on the Internet! 

Little did Jeromy fathom that ads for just $75 would bring in $41,500! 

(And this amount is verified from LinkedIn. 
Read on to see how the total return from this campaign was 
and that’s what THE MISSING LINK system gives you.

FINALLY - Reach The Highest-Quality Buyer 
At The Lowest Cost

Get The Right Message, 
To The Right People,
At The Right Time...

ONLY run ads to the most targeted people.

With the missing link method, you get ALL THIS LEVERAGE…

High Credibility





No pressure selling 

Apply This Leveraged Strategy 

Affiliate And Cpa Marketing

Online Courses

Agency Offline Marketing

Sell Leads To Businesses

Business Services


You May Be Asking Yourself:
How Is It Possible To Generate So  
Much Money With Such Little Ad Spend?
How is it possible that Jeromy only had to target a few people? 

Aren’t you supposed to focus on hundreds of thousands of people?

That is the beauty of “the missing link” process.

LinkedIn allowed him to target the perfect customer avatar

He then simply offered them a slight twist (which you will learn in the missing link) to explode his sales!

What Happened Next 

Exponentially Multiplied His Results

These perfectly targeted users then SHARED the ad with others. 
(HINT: Because It’s their JOB to share it!) 

That generated massive viral traffic from outside of LinkedIn!  

The thing is this also wasn’t for a $7 product. We are talking people buying a product for $380, $660, and more. 

LinkedIn is a premier traffic source, with high-income members, so now you can sell anything at all kinds of prices using The Missing Link...

(One person is even selling $48,000 franchise opportunities with this exact strategy) 

Most people are shocked to discover that you can sell  “high ticket” products to cold traffic, but with The Missing Link, it's completely possible...

And THAT is how you spend $75
to get almost $100,000


YES, it gets EVEN BETTER...

Hold on one second, James...

Earlier you said this “only” brought in $41,500. 

Now you are telling me it was closer to $100K?

That's right! 

We can track the $41,500 because The Missing Link Strategy shows us how to track each unique person.
However, Jeromy's total sales ended up hitting $95,825 last month because he had upsells and other products to offer THOSE SAME PROSPECTS...

Check out the actual 
sales numbers below

The Missing Link Is Super-Simple To Do
Step 1: Target your perfect customer using this special LinkedIn ad. 

Step 2: Use the Missing Link strategy to personalize your ad to that perfect customer and make it go viral.

Step 3: Rake in the money.
Listen, Jeromy already makes millions of dollars a year in his online business... 

And he just did close to 100k by using this Missing Link Strategy LAST MONTH! 

What's amazing is that, in this step-by-step training, 
and how YOU can use this strategy for YOUR business. 

Jeromy & his wife, Hope, receiving both of their "2 comma Club" awards 
from Russell Brunson at FHL 2020.
Whether you are a beginner or a pro "The Missing Link" strategy is for you.
It is small in ad spend but NOT short in profit.

You can use this to sell anything. All three of us break it down in “The Missing Link”.  

Jeromy makes this so easy to do!

Since The Original Test Results...

New Numbers:
$131.78 in Ad Spend
Generated $69,635 In Sales
(Confirmed From LinkedIn)
Total Net Revenue From 
April To June 7th

Good news!

NO OTHER MARKETERS are using this strategy right now, 
so you have ZERO COMPETITION...

This strategy will NEVER become saturated 
because it is SO TARGETED. 

To make this strategy even more crazy...

Get this... 

To get this result...

 Jeromy only targeted employees of ONE COMPANY! 

And what's even better?

You can duplicate this process over and over again for any niche AND for many different targets.

The Missing link gives you REAL LEVERAGE.

For example, if you only advertised to managers, (those people that may have 20 – 30 employees) they can / will share your offer with their employees...

That is just one secret to how The Missing Link can give you exponential, viral results!  

Anyone Can Set This Up

It Takes Only A Few Minutes!

The Missing Link training, along with LinkedIn's email tool, lets you choose your super-targeted, influential prospects. 

You are literally sending an email blast directly from LinkedIn and into your perfect prospects LinkedIn message box!

And, each email is personalized to that customer. 
The critical point is that there is no need to have a following. 

None of the people Jeromy sent these LinkedIn emails to knew who Jeromy was. 

These were all “cold” ads, but they were warmed up because of the unique way we personalize the ads!

With This Easy-To-Use Process,
You Target Your Perfect Customer Avatar 
LinkedIn then sends them an email within the platform. 

This type of Ad is unique because your email blast is sent to your most perfect customers but it also happens to be hyper-personalized to them.

For example, your ad can insert their full name for you. 

It can reference their company name for you.

“Hi John Smith, I know that you work for company “xyz”. 

And this type of ad does it automatically for you.

Your Email Ad Has Specific, Personalized Fields 

The Missing Link creates hyper-responsive and super-personalized messages that are hyper-targeted to your perfect customer.

Your email ad is going directly to that person! It is not going to a “Male” or “Female”. It is personalized automatically to the person.
Your emails have a built-in chat bot that is super-easy to set up using templates. 
This process creates results like nothing you have ever seen before. 
The chatbot gently guides them, directly to the sale. 
Find the PERFECT Customer 
TARGET That Profile Type
The ability to personalize the message is insane. 

No other ad platform lets you personalize your message like this. Facebook would take down your ad if you tried to do this because it is too targeted. 

It isn’t fair!

You go after the prospect psychologically. This process truly creates an irresistible offer you give to people.

Fine-tuned sniper targeting.

Trimming away the excess. Only spending a tiny amount of money on the perfect customer.
For example, if you only wanted to target people that worked for a specific company, you could do that.
With Facebook, you can’t advertise to Facebook Groups. With LinkedIn, you CAN advertise to members of LinkedIn groups.
LinkedIn lets us email THEIR members... if they were on OUR EMAIL LIST!
By using LinkedIn's simple "mail merge" feature, you can use the person’s first name or full name in the subject line, in the call to action, and in the body of the email. 

You can use company name, job title, and more!

LinkedIn is allowing us to email their members as if they were on our email list.
There are so many ways you can use this method. You could have them register for a webinar, go to your website, sell affiliate products, ecommerce, courses, events, start a conversation, or send them straight to the sale.

The Missing Link is a step-by-step 
video training that shows you 
how to set this up in just minutes. 
You can also grow this into a considerable money monster on Facebook. You target your perfect customer on LinkedIn, and we show you how that audience becomes much larger on Facebook. 

The strategy is simple but so powerful. 

LinkedIn is so much less strict than Facebook. 

Your ads get approved; no kickback from LinkedIn. 

And these ads are remarkably personalized. 

You could not do that - even if you wanted to - on Facebook.

You are buying a conversation with someone for fractions of pennies! 

PLUS: Get Access To Templates 

That Build The Chatbot For You.

These templates get you started RIGHT.

Create short messages to keep the conversation short. 

Simple, Yes and No questions or multiple choice.

The Missing link makes them engage with you.

The LinkedIn Chat Bot is like a "choose your own adventure" conversation. 

The prospects want to engage with the ad because it is new and fun.

The training videos walk you through, step-by-step how to set it up as fast as possible.

This Process Works Like Crazy 

Use It To Make 
All The Sales You Want...

The price is rising, and the product will be taken down shortly. 
Don’t delay. Pick this up now.

James Renouf

Dave Espino

Jeromy Kovatana